Summer 2 Topic

This half term our topic is food.

We will be learning where our favourite food comes from, what foods are good/not good for us, learning about food from other cultures and following lots of recipes. Parents help would be greatly appreciated for recipes for food from different cultures.

We will be trying a lot of different foods. Please let a member of staff know if your child has any food allergies we are not aware.

We ask for a 50p donation every Monday. This money is essential as it will be used to buy ingredients for our baking/food tasting this half term. Thank you to all the parents that already send their 50p in every week.

Summer Term

This half term we are off on an adventure!

For the first three weeks we have become pirates! Captain Flinn has stolen Tom’s treasure and taken it to the Lost Island. Jake and the Neverland Pirates are going to help us try to get it back.

We will then, for the next three weeks, meet a dragon who will take us to his castle where we will meet Mike the Knight!

We will also begin guided reading sessions and take home our own reading books.

This is in addition to our regular phonics and numeracy sessions.

A busy half term!

As always please feel free to come and speak to us, or leave a comment below, if you have any concerns or queries

Mrs B and Mrs B


This half term our learning challenge is ‘How can we look after animals?’

This is in response to the children’s enthusiasm about the farm role play at the end of last half term.

The children were asked which animals they would like to find out about.

We are going to look at the animals the children would like to find more about.

Mrs Mowbray and Year 6 have lent us their class pets.

Who knows what they are and what we need to keep them happy and healthy?

Mrs B and Mrs B

Nursery Rhymes and Fairytales

This half term our topic is Nursery Rhymes and Fairytales.

We invite your child to bring in any favourite fairytale stories to share with the class.

Next week we will be visiting the library as part of this topic. You should have already received a letter about this-please see a member of staff if you would like more details.

Lots of our children have now received a free book through the Reading Challenge scheme. We still have more books to win for children who read 4 times a week for 6 weeks.

Please remember 50p snack money to be paid each week-this week we are using this money to buy ingredients for jam tarts and next week we will be making gingerbread!

We will still be going outside whatever the weather so please ensure your child is wrapped up warm. We do have a wellie rack to store your childs wellies in-please make sure all wellies are named.

Mrs B and Mrs B


Twinkle, twinkle little star how I wonder where you are!

This half term our topic will be moon, stars and outerspace. This will link nicely to our Christmas play ‘Shine star shine.’


In the play all nursery children will be stars. We would appreciate it if you could send in a white t-shirt (for your child to decorate) and white tights for your child to wear. These should be sent in as soon as possible in a bag with your child’s name on.


We would love to hear you and your child’s thoughts and ideas about our new topic so we can incorporate them into our plans.

Settling in …

We are very happy with how the Nursery children are settling in.

Just a few reminders:

  • 50p snack money per week.
  • Please label all clothes.
  • Wellies and coats for outdoor play everyday.
  • Spare clothes/underwear to be left in a bag on your child’s peg.

Have you met your child’s keyworker yet?

Any questions/concerns please let us know.

Mrs B and Mrs B